dimanche 12 septembre 2010

FASHION WEEK: ADAM Printemps 2011

En Février dernier, j'avais assisté au défilé de la nouvelle collection Adam par le créateur Adam Lippes, je l'avais ensuite interviewé pour Fashion Indie et j'avais appris qu'au départ la ligne s'appelait Adam+Eve. Le créateur n'est pas à ses débuts, il a été directeur artistique pour Oscar de la Renta, il a crée une collection capsule pour Mango et il a aussi été le créateur chouchou d'Oprah Winfrey pendant longtemps.  La collection printemps 2011 sublime les femmes et les rend chics!

J'aime la fluidité, la transparence, je pourrais porter chacune de ses créations. Ceci n'est qu'une infime partie de la collection, des pantalons tailles hautes étaient également présentés, mais les pantalons en règle génerale ne sont pas vraiment ma tasse de thé.

Pour finir je poste une partie de l'interview que j'avais fait du créateur Adam Lippes:

Collaborations are playing a major part in how designers build and redefine their aesthetic. If you have to pick one designer to  collaborate with who would it be?
 Dries Van Noten. For what I want to do I think I could learn the most from him, so I wouldn’t mind even interning in his studio!

You’ve already worked on a capsule collection with Spanish brand Mango. What are your next projects?
We are working on a ton of projects. We are looking to open up more stores right now. We are expanding internationally. We are going to be announcing a new line we’re doing with a retailer, can’t say anything about. I just shot a pilot for a TV show, we’ll see what happens with that, but focusing, focusing, focusing on the clothes.

You’re clothing collection has been greatly received. When can we expect more accessories?
We are doing bags for the stores, our own stores, shoes is really a big undertaking. A lot of young designers are doing everything at once and we are really focusing more and more on who we are, and what we are and what our customer is and I feel that every season we’re getting more refined on the clothing.

Best moment from your career so far?
In my fashion career the best moment I’ve had is when Oprah called me, in the office, and subsequently when I was on her show.

What is your typical day like?
We start work around ten, which is nice, about 70% of my day is spent on design and the rest is split with press and problems.

Any advice for up & coming designers?
Start small is really important. Focus on one thing and do it well and then start adding around it. I think it’s hard for young designers now cause they see a lot of really young designers just explode and they do everything at once. And those are very specific cases, and a lot of those people come from very wealthy families that can finance. Fashion is very expensive. Go to school, get experience on the job and be distinctive, have a voice.

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